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Conference 2015 Resources

Click on the links below to download the presentations for each of the guest speakers at the OHSI 2014 Conference. Each link will take you to a PowerPoint file of the speaker's presentation; some are quite large, so please be prepared for a short wait for download, depending on the speed of your Internet connection.

Conference presentations
1 Colin Roche - Selection of Hearing Protectors DF.pptx
2 Caroline Walsh Presentation.pptx
3 Risk Assessment Example - Nancy McClellan (05.02.15).pptx
4 Ray Cully Assessing Risks for Hazardous Waste Handlers Final.pptx
5 Darren Arkins OHSI Mar 2015 asbestos presentation.pptx
6 Mike Slater OHSI 2015 Presentation.pptx
7 NUIG DoH VH MK Risk_Perception_OHSI_15.pptx
Workshop Presentations
1 Martin Byrne OHSI Presentation 2015[1].pptx
2 Hug Grennan Part 1 RESFT 101.pdf
3 Fiona Spillane Shorcontrol Safety.pptx
4 SB Group in 5 Minutes Final.ppt
5 Q Instrument Services OHSI PPT Presentation 2015 SHOW VIEW.ppsx
6 IOM OHSI (Dublin) (5mins) - 4.pptx
7 OHSS Presentation OHSS.pptx

These resources are available to attendees of the OHSI Conference 2015

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