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OHSI 24th Annual Conference
"Risky Business"

Wednesday 4th and Thursday 5th March 2015


Conference Downloads

Presentation materials and resources from the recent OHSI 2017 Conference are available to all attendees from the event's download area.

Photos of the day

Conference Programme

08.30 Registration

09.00 Conference Opening Ms Edel Costello OHSI Hon. Pres.

09.10 Annual Tom O' Connor Lecture: Selection of Hearing Protection - Irish Defence Forces
The presentation will outline the noise sources members of the Defence Forces are exposed to. The problems in testing and selecting suitable hearing protectors for high level impulse noise. The challenges that had to be overcome to provide adequate protection but also allowed for communication to maintain effective command and control. Comdt Colin Roche

09.45 Update on REACH and CLP Regulations including the CLP 2015 Awareness Raising Campaign and the REACH 2018 roadmap.
The presentation will show how best to navigate the ECHA website, the importance and relevance of the information being gathered from substance registrations and notifications on chemical safety, how best to keep up to date with the REACH and CLP legislative processes and what to expect and demand from your chemical suppliers. Caroline Walsh

10.20 The AbbVie Pharmaceutical Containment Initiative
The AbbVie Containment Initiative moves the organization toward continuously improved methods and engineering controls for containing the ever-increasing toxicity of active pharmaceutical ingredients with a multidisciplinary approach. Nancy McClellan


11.25 Assessing Risks for Hazardous Waste Handlers
An overview on how Indaver Ireland classify and characterise hazardous waste to determine the risks associated with its handling, packaging, transport and treatment. Ray Cully

12.00 Best Practice in Risk Management of Asbestos Containing Materials (ACMs)
ACMs are still present in pre-2000 workplaces and present a significant risk to health if they are not correctly identified, assessed, managed or removed under controlled conditions by competent persons. Darren will discuss current best practices for risk management and control of ACMs in the workplace. Darren Arkins

12.35 Exhibitor Presentations
Meet the exhibitors.


14.15 OHSI AGM

14.30 "Perception of Risk"
People commonly act in line with personal subjective assessments of risk rather than objective assessments. In the workplace this can result in employees not complying fully with safety requirements and either exceeding safety needs when they fear a threat or omitting safety behaviours when they do not. How do we as Hygienist's influence how to get the balance right? This two part workshop will explore the importance of risk perception, identify features of risks that enhance or reduce subjective risk, and outline what makes us as individuals perceive risk differently. Dr. Denis O'Hora, Dr. Victoria Hogan & Dr. Martina Kelly.


15.45 "Perception of Risk"
The second part of the workshop will outline steps to take in dealing with risk perception in the workplace to support safe behaviour. Dr. Denis O'Hora, Dr. Victoria Hogan & Dr. Martina Kelly.

16.20 Conference Close.
Ms Anne Moore OHSI Hon. Pres.


Commandant Colin Roche has over 30 years service in the Air Corps. During that period he has been involved in the maintenance and management of the Air Corps fleet. He was also for over a decade responsible for health and safety management. He is the Defence Forces expert in occupational and weapons noise and in this context has established the hearing protection standard for the Defence Forces.

Caroline Walsh MSc, CMIOSH, Dip SHWW, Dip Law, joined the Health and Safety Authority in 2001 having worked in the chemicals industry for 13 years. Caroline manages the HSA's Chemicals Helpdesk, represents Ireland at the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) HelpNet Steering group for REACH and CLP and provides technical support to her Colleagues, Government Departments and Agencies on CLP and REACH. She was the Irish Expert at the United Nations Sub-Committee on Globally Harmonised System (GHS) of classification and labelling of chemicals from 2005-2012, the Irish representative during the CLP negotiations in 2007-2008 and for the subsequent ongoing adaptations (ATPs) to CLP. She was part of the expert group who drafted the ECHA CLP guidance documents from 2007-2011.

Nancy McClellan is Global Occupational Hygiene Manager with AbbVie Biopharmaceuticals. She has over 20 years' experience in practicing industrial hygiene in a wide variety of high hazard industries throughout the United States, and is a past director and committee chair for the ABIH Board of Directors. As part of her activities with Leadership Group of the OHTA global training program, Nancy is currently contributing to the development of a professional level Pharmaceutical Occupational Hygiene training module. She has recently been nominated for election to the AIHA Board of Directors.

Ray Cully has worked in the manufacturing, pharmaceutical and waste industries in Ireland for 14 years in the area of Quality, Environmental and Health and Safety. Ray joined Indaver, a European waste management company, as Contracts Manager in 2011, taking over the role of H&S Manager for the Indaver Ireland/UK region in 2014. Ray is responsible for overseeing Health and Safety throughout the Region for Indaver's Industrial Waste Services (IWS) and Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) businesses.

Darren Arkins is a senior inspector with the Health and Safety Authority since 2008 and is a past council member of OHSI. Darren manages the Occupational Hygiene Unit (OHU) in the Chemical and Prevention Division of the Authority. The Unit has responsibility for enforcement, policy and administration of legislation in relation to asbestos, chemical agents, carcinogens and biological agents. He has prepared Authority guidance on many aspects of occupational hygiene including comprehensive Asbestos Guidelines published in 2013.

Dr Denis O'Hora is a psychologist in the School of Psychology at the National University of Ireland Galway. Originally a basic research scientist working on learning and decision making, he has been applying his knowledge to organisational performance and safety issues for the past 5 years. He is an associate fellow of the British Psychological Society, a chartered psychologist and a member of the Irish Ergonomics Society.

Dr Victoria Hogan is a lecturer in Occupational Health in the School of Health Sciences at the National University of Ireland Galway. Before joining NUI Galway, she worked as a health and safety professional in the Pharmachem sector, heavy manufacturing sector and local authority. The focus of her research work over the past ten years is within the fields of occupational health psychology and occupational health.

Dr Martina Kelly is a lecturer in the College of Engineering & Informatics at the National University of Ireland Galway. Prior to joining NUI Galway, Martina spent a number of years working in the electronics industry. She currently lectures and researches in the areas of Ergonomics and Risk Management.

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