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OHSI 25th Annual Conference
"Who's in Control?"

Wednesday 2nd and Thursday 3rd March 2016


Duration 1:00 - 6:00pm
Wednesday 2nd March, 2016

In this interactive workshop we looked at approaches to indoor air quality assessment and control from an industry perspective with a focus on bioaerosol monitoring.

The workshop included:

  • Assessment of indoor air quality including measurement of physical, chemical and biological parameters.

  • Review of the standards and guidelines associated with bioaerosol and indoor air quality monitoring.

  • Assessment of HVAC systems

Workshop facilitated by:

Brian Crook HSL
Martin Deevey Enviro Hygiene

Photos of the day

Conference Programme

08.30 Registration

09.00 Conference Opening Dr Eoin Collins OHSI Hon. Pres.

09.10 Annual Tom O' Connor Lecture: The Ebola Disease Outbreak in Africa - Experiences from the Laboratory
Dr. Brian Crook, HSL

Following on from the Health & Safety Laboratory's and Health & Safety Executive's involvement in the outbreak management in Sierra Leone, HSL microbiologist Brian Crook volunteered and took up 5 week deployments in March-April, and again in July-August 2015, to work in a laboratory at the Ebola Treatment Centre run by International Medical Corps near Makeni, in northern Sierra Leone. This presentation will describe the background to his deployment, the work undertaken including the challenges of applying safety procedures in limited facilities, but also the rewards of working with a humanitarian aid organisation.

09.50 Legionella Risk Assessment and Control Strategies
Dr Bill Thomas, ISHEM Consulting

Bill will explore risk assessment and control strategies to meet current regulatory requirements. He will discuss the expectations of the regulator and how best to fulfil them by reference to some recent case studies where duty holders have managed to avoid prosecution by adopting a proactive risk management approach. Cooling tower cleanliness assessments will also be discussed, together with current views on risks from adiabatic cooling equipment.

10.30 Update on Biological Agents 2013
Nicholas de Paor, HSA

The presentation will review the 2013 Biological Agents Regulations, their associated Code of Practice and the guidelines issued by the HSA on the Regulations and Code of Practice; the reasons for updating the Regulations; a review of biological notification to the authority; the biological issues encountered by inspectors during inspections.


11.40 Update on REACH and CLP Regulations
Caroline Walsh, HSA

This presentation includes the 2018 registration deadline; the latest application dates for authorisation for SVHC's, the new SDS format, what to expect from an exposure scenario, ECHA supports for downstream users, overview of the latest ATPs to REACH and CLP and what guidance, support and help is available.

12.20 Exhibitor Presentations
Meet the exhibitors.


14.15 OHSI AGM

14.30 Occupational Health in the HSA Strategy 2016 - 2018
Martin O'Halloran, HSA

We are delighted to welcome the Chief Executive of the Health and Safety Authority to present at our 2016 Conference.

15.10 Indoor Air Quality in Energy Efficient Homes
Aine Broderick, NUIG

The objective of this study is to evaluate the impact of an energy efficient retrofit on indoor air pollutant levels and comfort in homes across two seasons. A variety of research questions will be addressed, including exploring the effects of factors such as building occupancy patterns and retrofit status on indoor pollution concentrations. Thermal comfort and occupant behaviour in these homes will also be assessed using an occupant survey.

15.30 HVAC Systems and Indoor Air Quality
Martin Deevy, Enviro Hygiene

This presentation explores how ventilation systems become contaminated and the dangers of contaminated ventilation systems. The relationship between a building and a ventilation system, sensitivity of air quality investigations with building occupants and trade unions and case studies will also be presented.

16.10 Conference Close.
Dr Eoin Collins OHSI Hon. Pres.


Dr Brian Crook has over 25 years' experience of research in occupational exposure to biological hazards in the workplace. This has ranged from assessment of worker exposure to bioaerosols in waste and recycling and agriculture, to infection control including safe working procedures, efficacy of decontamination methods and effectiveness of personal protective equipment.

Caroline Walsh joined the HSA in 2001. She works in the Chemicals and Prevention Division where she manages the HSA's Chemicals Helpdesk and represents Ireland at the ECHA HelpNet Steering group for REACH and CLP. She leads on CLP policy and is currently working on the next legislative update to CLP, the review of the ECHA labelling and packaging guidance and REACH and CLP FAQs. She provides technical support to her compliance Colleagues, Government Departments and Agencies involved in the REACH and CLP processes at home and abroad.

Dr Bill Thomas has more than 25 years' experience in Legionella risk assessment and control and water quality and environmental analysis, working in a wide range of industrial sectors in the UK and overseas. He has broad experience in developing corporate policies and practice for managing health, safety and environmental issues across a wide range of businesses. Through his professional activities, Bill has advised Government departments and professional bodies in the UK and overseas on public health and environmental issues and has published over 50 technical papers.

Martin Deevy is managing director of Enviro Hygiene Specialists Ltd who offer specialised air quality services to many sectors incorporating risk assessments and cleaning services. Martin's experience has provided him with a huge understanding of the interaction of a HVAC or ventilation systems with the building, the occupants and indoor air quality.

Aine Broderick completed her MSc. In Occupational Health and Safety in UCD in 2013, and is currently completing a PhD in Occupational Hygiene in the School of Physics, NUI, Galway.

Nicholas de Paor has 25 years' experience of all aspects of Occupational Hygiene in the pharmaceutical industry and has spent the last 9 years in the Occupational Hygiene Unit in the Health and Safety Authority.

Martin O Halloran is Chief Executive of the Health and Safety Authority. Prior to joining the HSA he served as a non-executive director of the then National Authority for Occupational Safety and Health and was Irish delegate to the European Commission advisory committee on Occupational Safety and Health from 1992 to 1995. He has worked as an occupational health and safety professional in industry and held senior positions with the former Telecom Eireann, Eircom and Vodafone.


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